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Project Description
Online SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR implements latest features, available in HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery. Developed as Rich Internet Application (RIA) w/extremely small footprint (<20kb), it demonstrates best scripting techniques and coding practices; does not require any image files.

Project contains 3 files to be placed in the same virtual directory:

1. Main file: Calculator.htm (file contain dynamic link to jQuery library online)
2. CSS file: Calculator.css
3. Javascript file: Calculator.js


Fully compatible with Mozilla/Webkit based Web Browsers, presumably with IE 9. Partially compatible with older IE (see the sample screen shots of the Calculator running in different Web Browsers):
Fig.1. Scientific Calculator running in Mozilla FireFox (3.6x), sample screen shot

Fig.2. Scientific Calculator running in Google Chrome (V 7.x), sample screen shot

Fig.3. Scientific Calculator running in IE8, sample screen shot

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